Friday, July 28, 2006


"Finance" is the most popular MBA

The guys at published the results of the most popular MBA search on their web site and the Finance MBA proved most interesting to their visitors in the second quarter of 2006. These results reflect Internet activity indicating the Operations MBA and Finance MBA are the most searched for MBA topics.

However, visitors to checked out a number of MBA topics that the wider Internet audience did not.

Finance MBA Most Popular MBA


Can blogging affect your career?

In a research conducted by, it emerged that 47% of college graduated (job seekers) have changed their plans on changing the content of their sites like Myspace and Facebook because of the negative effects that this had on their job search.

While this might be considerer a violation of the privacy of the applicants, especially if they did not mention their blog during the job application, Shantice Bates, a 2006 Mass Communication Graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University said that "A person's MySpace or Facebook pages really have nothing to do with their work personality.

"My professional recommendation is that individuals realize that the World Wide Web is exactly that, and personal information is a key click away," said Steven Jungman, Division Director of ChaseSource. "Common sense should prevail when someone posts something on the web that they would not put on a resume".

To read more:

MySpace Is Public Space When It Comes To Job Search; Entry Level Job Seekers - It's Time To Reconsider the Web

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